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This section of my website is where I share the links and book notes I’ve gathered related to Caribbean history. I’ve discovered to my surprise that Caribbean history is somewhat under-appreciated. It’s dispersed between accounts from various perspectives and languages—including the European empires which had a hold on the region for so long, pre-Columbian perspectives, and more recently the African diaspora. And then there is the diversity within the region itself.  When I was working on my PhD, I approached Caribbean history from a British/Irish perspective, which I know is only one of the myriad ways the history of the region can be approached.

I hope that by sharing my finds, I can help those interested in Caribbean history to dig deeper. I also hope to spark interest in a more general reader. For example, high school or university students seeking deeper knowledge or help with a research topic, or travellers heading to the region for a holiday. If you know someone this could help out—please share!