Caribbean Histories: A New Blog!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.43.20 pm.pngOver the summer, I ‘launched’ a new blog: Caribbean Histories. That sounds rather formal, but I wanted somewhere to share all the links and book notes I’ve kept over the past couple of years related to Caribbean history. I’ve discovered to my surprise that Caribbean history is somewhat under-appreciated. It’s dispersed between accounts from various perspectives and languages—including the European empires which had a hold on the region for so long, pre-Columbian perspectives, and more recently the African diaspora. And then there is the diversity within the region itself.  For my thesis I’m approaching it from a British/Irish perspective, which I know is only one of the myriad ways the history of the region can be approached. I hope that by sharing my finds, I can help those interested in Caribbean history to dig deeper. The blog is not pitched necessarily at the academic, rather I hope to spark interest in a more general reader. For example, high school or university students seeking deeper knowledge or help with a research topic, or travellers heading to the region for a holiday. If you know someone this could help out—please share!

Head on over to Caribbean Histories… and as always, I’d be very appreciative of feedback.

4 thoughts on “Caribbean Histories: A New Blog!

    1. McLarenJen Post author

      Hi Adrian, Thanks for getting in touch. I’m so pleased to hear that my blog is proving useful and hope your students find some new resources here. I’ll keep an eye on your blog too – all the best.


  1. perkinsy

    Great stuff! I also have an interest in Caribbean history sparked by some family history in that region. I’ll keep an eye on your new site. I have a couple of suggestions: Could you please put the search box at, or near the top of the page. I had trouble finding it at the bottom. As your website has a lot of resources people will want to search the site. Secondly, I was going to write a comment on your ‘About’ but I couldn’t find a comment button on that page. Given you invite people to write comments I guess that you intend for the comments to appear on that website.

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