I'm a historian based in Sydney, Australia.

I research the stories of people’s lives as a way of learning about the past. I completed my PhD at Macquarie University in 2018. My thesis—Irish Lives in the British Caribbean: Engaging with Empire in the Revolutionary Era—examined the Irish experience of empire in the British Caribbean during the Revolutionary Era (c.1770-1835) via ten individual biographies of Irish sojourners.  I wrote about military men, a slave trader/sugar planter, a merchant, a medical doctor, missionary, and imperial administrators.

My post-PhD career comprises a patchwork of projects. In addition to a part-time job in financial services as a corporate governance specialist (see my Linkedin profile for more on this), and have worked on assorted public history projects including the Female Factory Online and the St.John’s Cemetery Project. I’m taking up a short-term fellowship at the Huntington Library in 2021/22 and am working on a book based on my PhD thesis.

I’ve been blogging intermittently on this site for a few years about history books, podcasts and exhibitions. I’ve also written about my academic research and my family history research over the years. Go to Blog on the menu to scroll back over my posts.

The Caribbean Histories Resources tab is a collection of links to publicly-accessible online sources, reviews and articles about the history of the Caribbean.

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