I'm a historian based in Sydney, Australia.

A bit about me: I have a legal background and have worked in financial services in Australia and the UK. After a career break to pursue my love of history, I now balance writing with my role as School Archivist (see my Linkedin profile). I’ve worked as the Assistant Editor for History Australia journal, as an undergrad-level teacher at Macquarie University, and on public history projects including Female Factory Online and the St.John’s Cemetery Project.

In 2018 I was awarded a doctorate by Macquarie University for my thesis Irish Lives in the British Caribbean: Engaging with Empire in the Revolutionary Era. I’ve been carrying out further research since 2018 and am now writing a book: Irish Lives in the Caribbean during the Revolutionary Era.

I blog intermittently about history books, podcasts and exhibitions, and my academic and family history research. Go to Blog on the menu to scroll back over my posts.

I publish brief notes on new history books I’m reading under Reading Notes.

Follow me on twitter @McLarenJen and on instagram at @historianjen I also write an intermittent newsletter: Irish Caribbean Lives Newsletter